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Painting on Canvas

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I was involved with a local Artisans Co-Op called Visions, that was here in the Sault for many years showing and selling my oil paintings and attended many different shows in the district. I have moved around and continued my Art in other communities and then life took me away from Art for many years, 10 to be exact. There was not a day went by, that I did not think about painting and expressing myself.

Edge of the Garden Studio

Bonnie Lee Thorpe

My 66 years have taken me in so many directions and at my heart was always my family. Art and gardening were my forms of expression; painting and planting, what I love to see. Because Art was never seen as a “career", at least not when I grew up; I became a registered nurse. I always worked part-time in order to raise my children. I did this until 3 years ago. It was not until I was 40, that I finally went to college to take Visual Arts, after which I taught in the Visual Arts programme part-time until the programme was cancelled. Prior to that time, I was a self-taught Artist and am thankful for having had that process.

Image by Steve Johnson

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